Creating Video With Change Your Life And Biz

One of the biggest topics on the world of online business over the past few years has been video marketing (and creating video based content in general).

There are endless benefits to doing video and the point of today’s post is not to discuss any of that.

I want to talk a not-so-obvious benefit that creating and publishing videos can do for you. Please take a few minutes to hear me out..


Create 3 videos:
1. A video of you speaking on camera. Any old cam will do
2. A video of you teaching something via slideshow format
3. A video of you demonstrating something tutorial format

Then… post your video in the comments section below and I will provide personal feedback

(or at the VERY least, send me your videos privately for feedback… this is only for people who are so terrified of doing video that even taking the challenge is a massive leap)

I challenge you!! Let’s see it :)




  1. Kate Rieger July 1, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Hi Justin,

    This is great timing. I created my first sales page video and it took foooooooor-flippin-ever because of technical issues with my laptop. Since this is one of my first face-in-the-screen videos I look forward to your feedback. I also do the powerpoint slide show in this video so you can review that too.

    Here is that link:

    #3 is covered here:

    I just listened to it and at one point it sounded like I was going cry. LOL. Have at that one.

    Thanks for the expert review!
    Kate Rieger recently posted..Golf Tips for Women PLR Report

    • jpopovic July 2, 2013 at 11:15 am #

      Hey Kate,
      Thanks for sharing! I like that you are adding video to your sales letters. The very first thing I noticed is there is about an 8 second space of dead air at the beginning of the video. This can hurt you as people usually won’t wait that long. Make sure you edit out the delays at beginning and end of your videos. I like that you are telling your story about growing up and the outdoor activity memories. Great tie in back to the main product. Personal stories sell! So it should help your sales. You might want to check your display settings as the slides appear a bit blurry in the video. Not bad… but could be improved. Well done!

      As for the second video. I like that you have energy when you speak and are engaging to listen to. Good job on this one! Maybe just look at getting a better mic (although i think you have a newer one)


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