Putler Review – A Must Have Tool For Online Businesses

Putler is a sales analytics application that I use to manage all of my Paypal transactions.

Since the majority of my sales happen in Paypal, this application has become one of my most prized “tools” for efficiency and organization.

Today’s post is a video review of the Business Owner Benefits of Using Putler

I have also created a PDF download of my slides.


A Quick Summary Of Why I Like Putler:
* Track all of my Paypal transactions quickly and seemlessly
* Keeps my monthly sales goals front of mind
* Shows me real-time sales forecasts for the month
* Makes tax seasons easier with simple CSV exports of all transactions
* Customer support is faster because we can find customers more quickly
* Reduced stress about “the numbers” because I can find the data I need quickly with Putler
* Track and report sales by product so I can see which products sell the best
* Among many others :)

Hope you found this review helpful and I strongly recommend Putler if you want to make your sales tracking much more robust and efficient!



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  1. Justin June 6, 2013 at 5:54 am #

    Hey dude- thanks for letting us know about Putler! I’d never even heard of it until I found this review from ya.

    I’m gonna sign up for the Plus version tomorrow, and if all goes well, may be upgrading to the Premium plan.

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